Photo by WUR

Energy scan cold store

Energy costs are increasing with the minute, energy saving options are not always clear. We can help you to minimise your energy use in the cold store.

Infrared photo by WUR
Infrared photo by WUR

Screenshot of cooling system (WUR)
Screenshot of cooling system (WUR)

Energy scan of your cold store

Your cold store obviously is a big user of energy. However, in most cases you can save on your energy costs by asking for a professional energy scan. We can provide you with such a scan.

During a company visit, our researcher will perform an energy scan of the refrigration technology used in your cold store facility. Options for improvement will be discussed during the visit. The outcome and insights will be reported to you in a powerpoint presentation.

Examples of relevant topics are:

  • A check on the insulation of the storage room -- walls, floor, ceiling
  • A check on the internal distribution of refrigerant in your cooling system
  • A check on the settings of your cooling system
  • Monitoring energy consumption and recommendations on energy saving options

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